Petr Brojo - Capricorn Publications, Ženíškova 2124/8, 149 00 Praha 4, CZECH REPUBLIC.
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     The company was founded in 1997, when the company published its first publication AW 01 US Army 5ton Truck M939. After almost a decade of silence, we return to publishing activities with a focus and use for modelers, on improving their models during construction and also for owners of historic vehicles to help with renovation.

     Currently, the series is presented:
     Army Wheels in Details
These are mainly publications on individual types of military equipment. Emphasis is placed primarily on quality detailed photographs of the type, these are photos of real historic vehicles, whether from private or museum collections. Furthermore, historical (so-called period) photographs from the war period and the combat activities of these vehicles. Brief history and production development. Drawing documentation and drawings (line drawings) from period manuals. To make each publication completely usable for modelers, it also contains two pages of colored camouflage patterns. The publications are in the format 240 x 220mm, with Czech and English text.
     Another series is:
     History Books
These are publications that focus on individual periods, certain troops and units. Only historical photographs are printed here, supplemented by a brief textual description and drawing and camouflage documentation.
     We have also created a new series of Studies of Facts, which deals with the detailed elaboration of a specific battle of World War II based on historical information from available archives and private collections.
     These publications are printed in A4 format, with Czech and English text.
     If you are the owner of historical photographs of war combat equipment or you have a collection that you would like to publish, please contact your contacts by e-mail with your suggestions.